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Whether it’s a large formal party or small family gathering, Istanbul Restaurant Birmingham is the perfect place to host your special event or simply enjoy a meal in the friendly and relaxing atmosphere. Delightful Taste of Turkish & Mediterranean Food is always prepared from good Fresh Ingredients.

The restaurant has an exceptionally wide and varied menu, taken from the best of Traditional Turkish Regional and National dishes. You can’t fail to find lots of delicious things in our menu, with so much to choose from, we hope you will visit us and have an enjoyable experience.

The History of Turkish & Mediterranian Cuisine

The Turkish Culinary art is a very curious one. The variety of beauty that make up the Cuisine, the ways they all come together in feast -like meals, and the evident elaboration of each craft crack enough fabric for sprightliness -long study and enjoyment. It is not easy to discern a basic element or a single dominant feature, like the Italian “pasta” or the French people “sauce “. Whether in a humble home, at a famous eating place , or at a dinner in a Bey’s mansion, familiar patterns of this rich people and diverse Cuisine are always present. It is a rare art which satisfies your senses while reconfirming the higher mixer club of society, community and culture. One can only conclude that the organic evolution of this glorious Cuisine was not an accident . Similar to other grand Cuisines of the humanity , it is a result of the combination of three key elements.

A nurturing surroundings is irreplaceable. Dud is known for an teemingness and diversity of foodstuff due to its rich plant , beast and regional differentiation. And the legacy of an Imperial Kitchen is inescapable. Hundreds of James Cook specializing in different types of dishes, all eager to please the royal stag palate, no doubt had their influence in perfecting the Cuisine as we know it totwenty-four hours . The Palace Kitchen, supported by a building complex social arrangement, a vibrant urban biography, specialization of labor, trade, and amount ascendence of the Spice Road, reflected the culmination of riches and the flourishing of culture in the upper-case letter of a mighty Empire. And the influence of the longevity of social organization should not be taken lightly either. The Turkish Res publica of Asia Minor is a millennium old and so, naturally, is the Cuisine.

Time is of the essence; as Ibn’i Haldun wrote, “the religion of the Martin Luther King , in time, becomes that of the People”, which also holds for the King’s food. Thus, the reign of the Ottoman Dynasty during 600 years, and a seamless cultural passage into the present day of modern Turkey, led to the development of a 1000 Cuisine through differentiation, refinement and flawlessness of dishes, as well as their successiveness and combination of the repast . It is quite rare that all the three weather above are sports meeting , as they are in the French people , the Chinese and the Turkish Cuisine. The Turkish Cuisine has the extra perquisite of being at the hybridizing -2 senses of road of the Far-East and the Mediterranean, which mirror a long and complex history of Turkish migration from the steppes of Exchange Asia (where they mingled with the Chinese) to Common Market (where they exerted influence all the way to Vienna).

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